Educational strands






  • teaching of hearing, speaking, reading and writing elements;


  • development of mathematical and life science skills, development of critical and logical thinking;


  • line, colour, form and composition – the ABC of artistic elements; sound, rhythm, movement, mime – the basics of music and choreography;
  • word and intonation – he basics of theatrical play;


  • learning to work in groups, to communicate and cooperate, to know each other; learning to perceive the sense of rules within a group (class), family and society;
  • development of the value based position – inquisitiveness, integrity, responsibility, openness, sensibility;

health keeping:

  • activeness, development of motor skills, power and willpower;
  • physical discharge for outlet of emotional strain, relaxation, comfort;
  • development of safe behaviour, personal hygiene, activeness and relaxation related skills.