Researches and engineering training



LABYRINTHS OF LIFE SCIENCES (integrated life science module for 8th formers)

The module is focused on exploratory activity, analysis of natural phenomena and practical laboratory experimentation.

  • RESEARCHES OF SURROUNDINGS with EcoLabBox – focused on improvement of knowledge in life sciences through exploratory recognition of materials, compounds and processes;
  • EXPERIMENTAL CHEMISTRY – improves practical knowledge in chemistry.

ENGINEERING TRAINING (integrated in following training subjects: mathematics, world knowledge, technologies, arts)

Above training is stimulated by:  

  • CODE ACADEMY KIDS programming circle (long-term project in robotics “Encourage the inventor”);
  • STEAM  laboratory (experiments in life sciences, in measurements of body mass and volume, analysis of materials, their composition, physical and chemical properties; exploration of engineering processes, elements and products, analysis of samples by dismantlement, combination, construction, experimentation, modelling, simulation, investigation, discussion, designing etc.).