Training foreign children




The upbringing takes place in multicultural environment in accordance with Lithuanian general and international primary training programmes.

In preschool groups children are being addressed in Lithuanian/Russian – English and English/Lithuanian languages. There are classes, where children are trained only in English. These classes are meant for learners, who don’t know Lithuanian and prefer English when mastering the training programme.

The school offers teachers of the highest qualification and it invests much into the quality of upbringing. Families choose our school, because it is safe and homelike, it is attentive to children and offers great opportunities for communication in English and self-education in multicultural environment.

Those learners from foreign schools, who want to learn Lithuanian and become integrated in classes, where the training language is Lithuanian, are able to additionally learn this language on the basis of an individual learning programme.

If there are less than 6 English speaking learners in the class or their knowledge of Lithuanian is insufficient, they may address the class tutor’s assistant, who is ready to help them.

All learners, whose native language is not Lithuanian, join the classes of art, music, dance and physical training. They are also involved in afterschool activities and other events, held in Lithuanian only.