Educational trip to the restaurant "Monai"

Educational trip to the restaurant
2019 November 15th Grade 4

4th graders continue to actively research human inventions, discoveries and inquiry into new explorations. This time research activities took place in non-traditional environment – Restaurant “Monai”. After observing and testing various technical capabilities of a restaurant kitchen, students got to work: they set tables, learned table etiquette, cooked and tasted risotto made in thermomixer.

After delicious lunch, there were a lot of discussions about the most useful restaurant and home kitchen gadgets and inventions. All students had different opinions – one group of students was talking about benefits of ice cream machines while others were commenting on a meat cutter machine. After long discussions, students came  to the conclusion that the most important kitchen appliances are a kitchen sink and a kitchen sink mixer. Kitchen should always be clean and shiny.

During the inquiry, not only did students discuss and discover technical advancements and capabilities of restaurant kitchen, but they also realized the importance of the plumbing system.

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