IB: "How we organize ourselves"

2018 October 30th Grade 4

Last week for Grade 3 students was special – we could see how the railway operates and for some of them the trip to the "Traditional art center" in Kretinga was first in the life trip by train. There students not only tasted, but also made the chocolates. After this trip, Grade 3 students proved us that they are ready to plan trips like that by theirselves - from planning the route, to searching for tickets and price of the trip counting. After big work, we had some time to have a party – from early Thursday Helloween spirit arrived to our school, and on friday we had guests from „Nariuotakojų mokykla“, who brought to show us not only exotic beetles, but also snake , lizzards, spiders and even scorpion! Here are some thoughts of our students after these wonderful few days: 



I really loved this week, it was trully amazing! We been in chocolate fabric, we knew a lot about the spiders and lizzards, we were making our own cups and plates from clay. Also my good friend's birthday and helloween was on the same weekend. But the best for me was chocolate cooking. I would love to have week like that every single week. Aneta 

My week was fun and amazing. On tuesday we were cooking chocolates and it was very fun. On wednesday was my birthday and on this day we were glazing cups. Now we met all these cute animals like lizzards and scorpion. For me, this week was really great and special. Nikolė

I liked this week, because I traveled by train, bus, we were cooking chocolates, I was holding a snake, was touching lizzard and Nicole birthday was on the same week.. Really loved to glaze the cups and plates. Was really fun. And I wish everyone had fun! Because for me this week was really the best in whole school life!! Elena

This week was amazing. I always dreamed about such an adventurous week. This week was like a roller coaster. We clazed, travelled by train, made chocolates, met beetles and spiders. The best week in my life! Uršulė 


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