IB: Who we are in place and time

IB: Who we are in place and time
2020 January 17th Grade 4

How do people use heritage from the past in order to interpret the present? This unit of inquiry provoked various questions, ideas and doubts in our third grade. We decided to explore the legacy of our ancestors in order to know how it might affect the present and the future. During the inquiry, we got to know a lot of new and useful information – we found out what modern sources of information gathering and spreading exist and learned about  development of transport, sewing, food, education, medical or other services.

Students showed the biggest interest in ancient baking (bread and buns) traditions. Bread stays as one of the most popular food on dinner tables. During educational baking activity in Klaipeda Crafts Center, students found out about the importance of bread in Lithuanian cuisine. Students learned how to make and bake buns. They also inquired into grain culture and history of making flour. They got familiar with the old fashioned way of baking bread. What is more, their deepened their knowledge on antique crafts.

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