Journey to the "City of Robots"

Journey to the
2020 September 25th

The fourth graders visited to the "CITY OF ROBOTS"  in the world of technology to get a closer look at multi-purpose robots.

For example, we met robots that are similar to humans. They like to communicate, joke, dance, can be sad, hug and guess your age and describe your current state.

The children were most impressed by the talking robot, which answered the children’s questions. The children had the opportunity to interact with a puppy robot who appeared brave, gave a paw, or flipped over so the children could pat his metal tummy.

With virtual reality technologies, children were fascinated by the techno show: “Robot Theater”, “Lightning Music” and many other unseen technologies.

THANK YOU to the organizers of the international interactive exhibition for the opportunity to move to virtual reality.


ŽIŪRĖTI GALERIJĄ ›Kelionė į “Robotų miestą”

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