After school activities in school

No-one will never ever be able to draw and create as it used to be in childhood – with immense love and fantasy.
During their classes children are introduced to different materials and their properties. They are free to independently create, dream, contemplate, compare available images, to generalize, stylize and change.

“Kangaroo Via“
The aim of the circle is to develop mathematical thinking of learners, to teach them how to solve mathematical problems, discover rational methods for their solution, to plan/foresee probable results, to be able to read and understand mathematical texts and discuss on mathematical issues. By employing positive emotions, working and creative activities it also encourages learners to think, discover mathematical verities, linking theory and practice.

Music widens children’s horizon and their world outlook. The aim of the circle is to foster their natural musicality. Children learn how to sing and take part in musical life of their school and the city. They experience many positive emotions, the sense of unity and affinity in concerts, they develop and improve their aesthetic perception.

„English is Fun“
Languages open door to the world. A homelike, friendly and joyful atmosphere, innovative training methods, satisfaction of learners’ practical and emotional demands, experienced pedagogues, participating in international projects enable learners to achieve good results and start communicating in English very quickly.

“Three-dimensional space“
It is a circle for lovers of mathematics. They make every attempt to understand, to love and see into mathematics as a science, worldly wisdom, a way of thinking, to understand its essence.

“Yamaha“ and piano lessons (individual schedule)
 Musical education is a complex psychological and artistic process, in which learners develop their musical abilities, knowledge and performance skills. In the process of musical activity learners improve their sensations, artistic taste, aesthetic and moral position.
Playing piano or “Yamaha“ enables to concentrate, train imagination and analytical musical thinking, teaches how to remain calm and silent for a longer period of time, develops coordination of movements.

Chess circle
Chess appear to be an excellent mental exercise! It spotlights children’s abilities, develops their strong temper, stamina and friendliness. In practical classes they learn its major principles, familiarize with its theory, logical and strategic thinking, they will learn how to plan and foresee several steps ahead. The most important thing is that chess helps to win against your own self!

Yoga elements
Yoga is a funny and useful process for improvement of children‘s health. Body movements are combined with breathing. Yoga exercises calm down children’s electrified emotions and strengthen their psychical health. These exercises release strained body muscles and loosen up joints. Healthy are those, who perform them successfully. They also learn how to understand and control their own emotions. These properties help them to successfully adapt themselves to rapidly changing daily life.

“English Theatre for kids“
„English Theatre for Kids“ is a circle, organized for improvement of English. In non-formal environment children become relaxed, they play, improve their social, linguistic skills and imagination.

“Science fun“

This circle is organized for real lovers of logics – very often different crosswords and puzzles demand mathematical, linguistic (English) and other knowledge, which is continuously solidified by different tests.

“Origami studio“

Origami is a Japanese paper folding art. In practical classes children learn different folding schemes and cheer others with their works. It all helps them to the skills of minor motorics, twist of the wrist and even ability to make use of scissors, as it also often includes kirigami – paper folding by employing scissors.

“Jolly phonics“

The aim of this circle is to teach reading by learning the phonics of letters (characters). When singing “Jolly Phonics“ songs and performing different phonetic assignments children get acquainted with 42 English phones, which they later begin to link into words and sentences.

“Labyrinths of adventures"

A journey in labyrinths, full of adventures and surprises is STARTING! The entitlement itself dictates hidden codes of different activities. It is an unconventional circle, loved very much by children. A chance to vary activities enables children to imagine being someone else:

·         a sewer – to make/design different needleworks;

·         a DJ – to choose popular music, dance according to it and organize musical plays;

·         a cookery boss – to cook different makes and decorate them;

·         an athlete – to play football and other sports;

·         an active movie reviewer – to watch and discuss films in the company of classmates;

·         a nature explorer – to study hidden signs of nature, to decode them and record them in photos;

·         many other funny projects.