The child protection policy



„UNIVERSA VIA“  INTERNATIONAL  SCHOOL                                 




Throughout all its efforts, ‘Universa Via‘ international school is dedicated to providing a safe environment for children who participate in projects and programmes of the school , wherever they may be carried out.  ‘Universa Via‘ international school is committed to upholding laws and regulations of ‘State Child Rights Protection and Adoption services‘ and ‘International Child’s Protection’.

This Policy details ‘Universa Via‘ international school commitment to support and respect children’s rights to be protected from violence and abuse. It articulates the school‘s zero tolerance approach to child abuse and exploitation and commitment to provide a safe environment for children.




Child abuse and exploitation occur throughout the world and in all societies, and involves the physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect of children and adolescents.  “Universa Via” international school endorses the principles and articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, State Child Rights Protection and Adoption services and is committed to supporting and respecting children’s rights and protecting children from harm. The school takes its responsibility to protect children from all forms of violence and will not tolerate any form of abuse or exploitation of children. Children must be safeguarded to the maximum possible extent from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings that place them at risk of child abuse, sexual exploitation, injury and any other harm.

The school‘s  personnel must demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour towards Children both in their private and professional lives. They have a responsibility to understand and promote this Child Protection Policy. They must do all that they can to prevent, report and respond appropriately to any concerns or potential breaches of this Child Protection Policy.