The Deputy Principal job description







The overall responsibility of the Deputy Principal is to assist the Principal in the  management of the school.  

Besides the discharge of specific administrative and management duties, the Deputy  

Principal also exercises a leadership and motivational role in the direction of the school enterprise. Together the Principal and the Deputy Principal form the Pedagogical Leadership team of the school, he/she must work in tandem to fulfil the aims and objectives of the school and the IB. That teamwork includes the management team and the staff whose co-operation and commitment are also vital to the achievement of the goals of the school and the IB.  


The Deputy Principal may be required to deputise for the Principal in his/her absence  

in all matters organisational/administrative and in relation to discipline within the  

school. The Deputy Principal must be willing to work in conjunction with/under the direction of the Principal.  

The Deputy Principal will normally be required to be in attendance in the school throughout the school day. The Deputy Principal may also be required by the School Board and Counsil to be present in the school outside the normal opening hours and days of the school such as may be necessary from time to time.   


Reporting/Accountability Relationship. The Deputy Principal:  


  • shall report to the Principal and the School Board.  


Leader of Teaching and Learning. The Deputy Principal: 


  • Assists the Principal in developing a school environment which is supportive of learning and high achievement among the students. 

  • Develops and provide appropriate learning and curriculum programmes and methods of instruction that is consistent with the PYP and meet the needs of all students in the school and timetabling to support them.  

  • Promotes effective teaching and learning practices across the school.  

  • Assists in the development of the school curriculum and assessment policies.  

  • Develops and implements systems for recording individual pupils’ progress and ensures that parents are informed regularly of the progress of their children at the  

  • school.  

  • Assists the Principal in supporting the monitoring and evaluation of teaching and  

  • learning across the school and contribute to school self-evaluation and the  development of improvement plans.  


Curriculum/Assessment . The Deputy Principal:  


  • Assists in the development and implementation of the PYP curriculum. 

  • Organizes observation and supervision of educational activities. 

  • Observes and assesses educational processes and their outcomes. 

  • Consults and advises teachers on the implementation of the curriculum.  

  • Ensures that instructional materials are adequate and support the PYP curriculum.  

  • Keeps parents informed of their child’s learning or behavioral problems, offering sound recommendations where possible. 

  • Participates in work groups acitivities. 

  • Plans and participates in parent conferences in matters of extreme importance, such as identification of learning difficulties, serious behavioral problems, or recommendation for professional services.  


Teacher Supervision. The Deputy Principal: 


  • Assumes responsibility for the implementation of the evaluation and promotion of professional growth of assigned teachers and teacher assistants (through conferences, setting objectives, classroom observations, and written reports).   

  • Ensures that all teachers have established means by which to communicate with parents on a regular basis. 

  • Reviews all correspondence by teachers to parents, ensuring information is appropriate.  

  • Conducts staff meetings on a regular basis.  

  • Coordinates staff development opportunities in conjunction with the instructional leadership team; organize and conduct faculty training and in-services.  

  • Assists the Principal in the recruitment and interview process for new teachers.  

  • Orients new teachers. 


School Development. The Deputy Principal: 


  • Assists the Principal in the re-evaluation of the purpose, objectives and activities of the school in line with School Self-Evaluation Guidelines and the IBO. 

  • Assists the Principal in developing the education aims and objectives of the school and devising strategies to achieve them.  

  • Assists the Principal in co-ordinating the school plan and policies for approval by the School Board.  




Leader – People and Teams. The Deputy Principal: 


  • Develops a good working relationship with the Principal, the other Deputy Principal, the PYP coordinator, programme and teaching staff.  

  • Assists the Principal in promoting ongoing personal development and in-service and in the identification of the staffing needs of the school – i.e. teaching and support staff.  

  • Co-ordinate Staff Development, organise collboration time and Staff Days.  

  • Assiss the Principal in advising the School board as to a probationary teacher’s suitability for continued employment in the school.  


Communication. The Deputy Principal: 


  • Develops effective communication systems with pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.  

  • Implements the Code of Behaviour and all school policies with an understanding of their rationale.  

  • Liaises with the School Board,  the Pedagogical Leadership team and the programme staff representatives on matters relating to the school and the PYP.  

  • Maintains effective relationships with the stakeholders involved ( staff, students, parents, Parents Committee, Student Council and the wider school community).  


Organisational Management and Administrative Skills. The Deputy Principal: 


  • Assists the Principal in the day to day management of the school, including the planning and overseeing of the daily time tabling of classes.  

  • Assists the Principal in matters of student discipline, in the promotion of good order and general supervision between classes.  

  • Is responsible for the roster of absent teachers and the implementation of and monitoring of the Supervision and Substitution Scheme.  

  • Establishes and maintain effective data management systems such as student records, teacher records, attendance, purchasing procedures and timetables.  

  • Assists in ensuring the security of the school building and safe keeping of property.  

  • Conducts the ordinary activities of correspondence, making reports and returns of information as required by the School Board and the Pedagogical Leadership Team and ensures that arrangements are made for dealing with such administrative matters during vacation periods.  

  • Complies with the rules of the IBO and requirements of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.